On 31 January 1941, German bombers returning from strategic targets in the SE of England released what was left of their payload on the railway lines by Mill Road.  Sadly several railway workers were killed.  This photograph shows the block of houses most immediately affected – just over the Mill Road bridge.  The blasts were so strong that shrapnel peppered the Charles Street end of Greville Road (as reported by Stanley Hawkes, a contemporary resident).

Former resident of Number 38, Derek Abbott, says “I was told by my parents that one of the odd number houses at the railway end of Greville road was so severely damaged by a bomb dropped at night that it had to be demolished and rebuilt. This was not related to the Mill Road bombing which I believe took place during the day and was observed by my grandparents, who were shopping on the Broadway. My grandmother saw the plane and said to my grandfather  “Look, they are dropping parcels”,  just before he threw himself on top of her!”.

The Mill Road History Society had an archive of eye-witness reports of bombing which included a description of the Greville Road incident, but unfortunately it seems to have been removed from their website.