Greville Road VE Day victory party, 1945

KEY: (1) Marion Baker, (2) Pat Martin, (3) Brenda Butler, (6) poss. Ken Shenton, (7) Ann Easy, (9) Daphne Fitzgerald, (10) ? Dorothy Wright or Kathleen Stigwood’s sister, (11) Cicely [lived with Mrs. Sylvester, the piano teacher in Charles St., (between 11 and 12) Mike Everitt, (13) Beryl Docwra, (16) John Backler, (21) Beryl Easy, (22) Kathleen Stigwood, (23) Peter Day, (24) poss. Michael Cash, (28) Ivan Docwra, (29) Bernard Wallman, (35) Rozie Baker, (36) Josie Breed

Facing towards Charles Street.  The boy in the centre is Derek Abbott from Number 38, sitting next to his mother Barbara on his right.

Facing towards Coleridge Road, showing M. Wallman, Daphne Fitzgerald, Beryl Docwra and Mrs. Butler.