These photographs were kindly provided by Derek Abbott who lived at Number 38 with his mother and father (a police constable).  The children shown include those from the Gooch family who lived next door at Number 40 and left Greville Road around 1938.  Mr. Gooch was a postman.  Number 40 was thereafter occupied by J. Pilkington and later in 1945 by Fred and Evelyn Hewson.

The above photo was taken around 1942 by Derek’s father and shows the undeveloped gardens looking towards Coleridge Road.  Derek says “I vaguely remembered that we had an underground air-raid shelter in the garden, but it wasn’t until I enlarged this photo that I realised it was taken by my father standing on the steps leading down to the entrance – one of girders supporting the roof can be seen in the foreground. The top of the shelter is also visible between my right leg and the trellis post in the photo below”.

The next shows the side of no. 38 around the same date.

The following photo was taken around 1950 outside Numbers 32/30.

Finally, two photos of the front and rear gardens of 38 taken during the 1970’s – Derek’s mother was a keen gardener.